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Monday, November 22, 2010

The Fishery Conservation Transition Act

The Fishery Conservation Transition Act (S.3594 / H.R. 6316) is designed to give managers the time and resources to fine-tune their management tools, while safeguarding our core conservation standards. Passage of FCTA will prevent a repeat of the massive closures in the South Atlantic. Click the link below to send a message to your Congressman and U.S. Senator today and ask them to support FCTA.

Click the link below to log in and send your message, as I did:

and lets slow down this battle-wagon steaming across our waters in an attempt to stop fishing, as we know it today. Then tell your friends to sign up on your Free forum as we too are going to battle against those who would impede to tred on my rights to fish in Florida, as well, my country we call America. Join me, Gary Anderson and all those with the Online Fisherman as we wage war on those in favor of restricting our rights with flawed to no real time data. With The Online Fisherman, you'll get Free Representation to your rights, Free Advice, Free Articles, Free Pro-Staff Advice, Free Give-Aways in top notch angling gear and the Freedom to Catch Fish with Free Maps, GPS coordinates, Free bait spots, free fishy spots and if that is not enough, call me in person and get free advice to my thoughts to fishing spots. 941-426-6118

Can't Log in, Join up , with the CCA as we need all the angles we can get!

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